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    Dear Guests, 
    Feeling responsible for your safety, health and comfort during your stay in our hotel and taking care of the safety of our employees, we have introduced additional procedures and preventive measures regarding the maintenance of special hygiene and cleanliness in the hotel, aimed at minimizing the risks of COVID-19. We will make every effort to ensure that your stay in our hotel is safe, peaceful and leaves a positive impression.

    Management of HOTEL Amber Palace ***

    §1  HOTEL
    1. Ongoing monitoring and implementation of Ministry of Health recommendations.
    2. All hotel rooms are systematically disinfected In addition, regular, ongoing disinfection with certified agents, public areas and hotel rooms is carried out on a daily basis by hotel staff.

    1. Possibility of measuring the temperature (non-contact thermometer) at the guest’s entrance to the hotel; in the case of low-grade fever and disease symptoms, the reception prevents the Guest from being admitted to the hotel, the procedure may be repeated – the hotel employee decides.
    2. If a Guest shows up at the Hotel with symptoms of illness, the Hotel reserves the right not to check-in with a deposit.
    3. Use of masks and gloves by hotel staff.
    4. There are a maximum of 2 guests (or a family 2 plus 2) at the reception desk.
    5. Systematic disinfection of doors, handles, reception desk surfaces, trolleys, handrails, terminals, room cards, sofas, armchairs, etc. in the hotel lobby.
    6. Introducing a limit on the number of people waiting in line at the reception desk in the hotel lobby Maintaining the appropriate distance between guests in the queue – minimum 2 meters
    7. Minimizing the Guest’s time at the reception desk. Provision of hand disinfectant for guests in the reception hall.
    8. It is strictly forbidden to stay in the hotel room of unregistered people.

     §3 HOTEL ROOM
    1. Mandatory disinfection of each room left by the Guest before accepting the next one, and at the Guests’ request, during their stay at the hotel, after prior arrangement of the hours in which the room will be available.
    2. Increased frequency of disinfection of devices, furniture, door handles, fittings, handrails, TV remote controls, telephones and other devices in the room and airing the hotel room.
    3. Airing the rooms, hotel guests are asked to leave the windows ajar.
    4. Cleaning of rooms during stays takes place on the third day of stay or, on request, only during a longer stay in the room.
    5. It is strictly forbidden to stay in the hotel room by people who are not hotel guests.
    6. Hotel blow dryers are forbidden.

    1. The possibility of measuring the temperature (with a non-contact thermometer) when the Guest arrives at the restaurant, in the case of low fever and illnesses, the restaurant prevents the Guest from staying in the restaurant. The procedure may be repeated – the restaurant employee decides.
    2. Providing a hand sanitizer for guests at the entrance to the restaurant.
    3. Introduce appropriate safe distances between tables / chairs in the hotel restaurant.
    4. Disinfection of tables, chairs, porcelain, trays, menu cards, etc., each time, changing of tablecloths, steaming cutlery, after each guest.
    5. Use of masks and gloves by restaurant employees.
    6. Acceptance of earlier reservations or individual setting of service hours for individual guests.
    7. New hours of restaurant opening – information at reception desk.

    1. Providing hand disinfectant for guests in the reception hall, restaurant, on each floor of the hotel.
    2. Daily thorough disinfection of common areas once a day: conference rooms, play corner.
    3. Regular disinfection of toilets and elevator in the hotel.
    1. Compliance with work in masks, gloves, protective clothing, frequent disinfection of devices, washing hands, etc. by all employees in the space where there may be contact with guests.
    2. Conducting an information campaign for staff regarding the use of special precautions in accordance with the recommendations of GIS.
    3. Measuring the temperature (non-contact thermometer) at the arrival of each employee to work, in the case of low-grade fever and sick symptoms, sending the employee home.
    4. Providing a hand sanitizer for employees – an easily accessible and visible dispenser in the back of the hotel, in changing rooms.
    5. Staying indoors, where possible up to 2 people and / or keeping a safe distance.

    Management of HOTEL Amber Palace ***

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