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    Open air


    Charming alleys, picturesque landscape in shades of juicy green and multi-colored flowers, twitter of birds – this is a place where you can dazzle and… fall in love!

    Wedding ceremony in the open air

    Why is it worth organising?

    Fresh air

    Fresh air, greenery in palace gardens, twitter of birds – all this accompanies this unique ceremony.

    Photorelation possibilities

    No photographic atelier will offer such a beautiful background to capture this important event like nature.

    Moree space

    Space gives us the freedom and comfort we need on this Exceptional Day full of emotions.

    A great setting

    We will beautifully arrange the place of marriage according to the vision of the Bride and Groom, which will be complemented by the surrounding scenery.

    Additional attractions

    It’s easier to organise attractions such as fire theatres, fireworks or other demanding spaces.

    Unforgettable moments

    A wedding outdoors for is more memorable than a traditional wedding in church.


    We take care of every detail

    We provide comprehensive wedding reception service: from consultation with the manager, to the selection of the appropriate menu, to the professional waiter and bartending service. We provide a stage for the music group and we give you the option of installing your own lighting and arranging the room according to your individual needs. The limit is only your imagination.


    Special moments

    The Amber Palace has the most beautiful ballroom in the center of Poland, which invariably arouses the delight of all guests. A unique place in an elegant interior and excellent acoustics will make you feel like in a fairy tale on this special day!

    Traditional flavours

    A delight for the palate

    The wedding menu is proposed by our Chef. We can also develop a menu in accordance with the expectations and suggestions of the Bride and Groom.

    Car park

    The palace area has a closed, monitored car park with 110 spots and the possibility of renting a car.

    For the good start

    Gift for newlyweds

    When you have the last toast and the beginning of a new way of life for the Bride and Groom begins, we offer the newlyweds a free stay in a comfortable apartment, as a thank you for taking advantage of our wedding offer.

    We create opportunities

    Champagne breakfast

    If you are interested in a champagne breakfast or brunch in summer or early autumn, we invite you to the amphitheater on the water, in the open air, accompanied by the murmur of the river and the waterfall.

    Guest rooms

    After a wonderful, emotional wedding ball guests can count on accommodation in comfortable rooms at the prices of a hotel offer specially prepared for them.

    Photo sessions

    The building itself, its interiors, but also the surrounding gardens with magnificent vegetation, an amphitheater on the water with a beautiful waterfall, a small lake and piers over the river and fountains are perfect conditions for a fabulous photo session. And we put everything at our newlyweds’ disposal free of charge.

    Special moments

    Contact us

    If you are interested in organizing a wedding outdoors, weddings in our Palace, call us.

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